Danella Construction Services

Danella provides construction services to the utility industry, specializing in storm restoration services, gas, electric, telecommunications, and water facilities installation.

Various customers use different approaches to complete their work including cost plus, bid award, and unit base contracts. Danella has in depth experience in each pricing model to support our customers’ budget requirements.

In addition, Danella’s back office personnel can support specific contract requirements through enhanced internal accounting and IT systems, thereby providing accurate and timely reporting of financials, job costs, units produced, man hours worked, personnel tracking, equipment tracking, safety management, site observations, QA/QC and other tasks as necessary.

Danella Construction Services

Danella Construction

Gas Utilities

Since 1972, Danella has been installing and maintaining oil and natural gas pipeline facilities for various utility companies. Regardless of job location Danella is fully capable of supporting job requirements in urban, suburban, off road right-of-way, and environmentally sensitive locations.
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Electric Utilities

Danella performs a wide range of construction and maintenance services on electric distribution facilities. Our highly trained workforce has the skill and knowledge to complete work tasks safely and efficiently in both energized and de-energized conditions.
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Water Utilities

Danella installs, maintains and provides emergency services to water facilities for various utility companies. Skills and knowledge include installing all types of piping, fire hydrants, valves, services, and metering to residential, commercial and industrial locations.
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Danella has built telecommunications networks throughout the United States. Our installation and maintenance of all networks allows telecommunication services to be accessible to everyone. We connect infrastructures between markets, construct additional routes for diversity, relocate routes, etc.
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Equipment Rental: Check out our large inventory of light, medium and heavy duty vehicles, and construction equipment.