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Celebrating Danella Pride

Danella PridePride in everything we do.®

It has been said that we at Danella take pride in everything we do; but our pride doesn’t just mean that we take pride in our work, but also our people. Pride in our workforce past, present, and future.

The value we place on our people is essential to the continued growth of the corporation. By providing opportunities for our employees to reach their fullest potential, we as a company continue to strive towards a brighter future. Our productivity, professionalism, and pride span from the people in the field, to those in the office, helping to grow Danella every day. People are our most valued resource, and we want to celebrate them.

With the release of Danella Pride, we are doing just that—celebrating. The first company/employee newsletter set to be released online on Friday, October 14, 2016 is the culmination of hard work from our employees, detailing the work they do every day, while also showcasing our longtime employees. Our people are the heart of Danella and with that, we intend to showcase it to the nation.

The history of Danella is extensive, as we are currently in our 44th year of operation. In that history, people have risen to the challenge and helped Danella grow, and we are appreciative and proud of their hard work. With over thirty locations, our company has grown to over 1,500 employees operating thousands of pieces of equipment, helping to maintain our nation’s infrastructure.

With dedication,= to hard work, our employees, both past and present, have helped grown Danella into the company it is today. So join us in the online celebration this week, on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, and check out Danella Pride when it is released on Friday.

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