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Danella Leadership Spotlight: Tom Tacconelli

Tom Tacconelli thinks about his division’s journeymen linemen a lot – not only because he shares responsibility for their safety, but because he is one by trade.

“I spent seven years or so as a journeymen lineman earlier in my career, building and maintaining electrical grids,” Tom says. “I worked with some great linemen and leaders. From their leadership and patience, I became proficient in underground electric, energized distribution, and hot stick work on various utility company properties.”

When an opportunity came along in 2010 to serve as a business agent for a union, Tom took it. After a few subsequent moves, he arrived at Danella in 2018 in his current role: Vice President of Electric for Danella Power Services, Inc. It was an emerging division when he started, just beginning to offer overhead and underground electrical and transmission and substation services to the extent it does today.

“There’s nothing easy about starting a division,” Tom says. “We’ve gone from a handful of employees to 100 or so employees in less than three years. But we got here – all thanks to our team and the support of Mr. Danella and Joseph Spause. Many of the people who started this division are still here today.”

It’s a team that includes 85 journeymen lineman. Though much of Tom’s focus is on business development, pursuing master service agreements for utility companies among other growth-related responsibilities, he savors the aspects of his job that let him interact with Danella Power Services’ trades professionals.

Safety in particular – for our entire team, but especially for the journeyman linemen out there doing the physical work – is top of mind for me, and is near and dear to my heart. I’ve been in their shoes. I know the struggles and the hardships of the job, and the risks.”

– Tom Tacconelli, Vice President of Electric

Beyond looking out for his team’s safety, he does his best to serve them in other ways.

“Business outcomes are important, but care and respect are equally important. I’m always looking to create opportunities for the people I work with and trying to remove any barriers standing in the way. It helps them, helps business, and is just the right thing to do.”

When asked about his leadership style, Tom points to those ahead of him.

“I look up to others at Danella and elsewhere who display integrity, patience, tenacity, and confidence and who exhibit excellent decision-making. Leaders who help others succeed. That’s who I aspire to be.”

Tom is a Certified Utility Safety Professional (CUSP), holds four electrical contracting licenses for several Danella companies, and is Chairman of his Local Union 126 NEAT Apprenticeship Committee. He lives in Ivyland, Pennsylvania with his wife, three kids, and several pets.