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Specialty Equipment Spotlight: Flatbeds, Grapplers & Cranes

Before you can complete any rail construction project, you have to get the work crew and materials safely to the site and be able to place the materials right where you need them. Danella’s flatbeds, grapplers & cranes give you tremendous versatility and flexibility – allowing you to work faster while enhancing safety.

“Danella provides vehicles that are specifically designed to give you access to difficult locations and allows you to safely place material right where it’s needed. These trucks allow work crews to work more efficiently both on and off the rails. Danella backs every vehicle with superior maintenance and service for outstanding performance and safety,”

– Steve Bolte, Danella’s Vice-President of Business Development for North America.

11-19,500 GVWR Flatbed

Our flatbed is a durable workhorse, capable of being heavily loaded so you can make sure your worksite has all the materials and tools your crew needs.

Key features/available options:

20-33,999 GVWR Flatbed

This larger flatbed is perfect for bigger jobs. It features a bigger bed (up to 24’) so you can load it up and make fewer trips.

Key features/available options:

Hi-Rail Material Handler

With a tandem axle and a gross vehicle weight (GVW) rating between 56,000 and 66,000, the Hi-Rail Material Handler can carry sizeable loads resulting in fewer delivery trips. It features a heavy-duty steel body to handle tough jobs and a crane with a reach of 25’8” for ideal placing at difficult locations.

Key features:

Hi-Rail Section Truck

With tremendous storage capability for tools and material alike, a powerful and versatile crane and hydraulic tool circuit with PTO and hose reels, the Hi-Rail Medium Section Truck is a capable platform your crew can work from to get the job done.

Key features:

Knuckle Boom Truck

Danella’s Knuckle Boom Truck provides a versatile knuckle boom crane that allows you to lift loads and deliver material quickly and effectively. The knuckle boom crane is designed to be compact, lightweight and highly maneuverable to allow you to work effectively in tight spaces.

Key features:

Telescopic Crane Truck

Danella’s Telescopic Crane Truck allows you to reach difficult locations while providing plenty of room to transport tools, materials and equipment. It’s available in a 10-ton and 20-ton configuration.

Key features:

Danella services and maintains its vehicles according to specific guidelines for reliable performance and safe operation in tough railroad environments. Equipment packages include heavy duty rail gear and standard safety equipment like strobe lights, back-up alarm, fire extinguisher and triangle reflector kit.

Interested in renting a Danella crane truck for your hi-rail project? Contact Steve Bolte at sbolte@danella.com or request a rental quote here.