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Specialty Equipment Spotlight: Hi-Rail Rotary Dump Truck

The Hi-Rail Rotary Dump Truck is perfect for delivering track ballast away from a roadway. It features hi-rail compatibility, 10-12 cubic yard capacity and a DMF Roto 180 degree rotating turntable so you can deliver the ballast precisely where it needs to go – saving considerable time and effort.

“Danella understands the needs of railroad contractors, Class 1 railroads, and short-line and commuter rail companies,” says Steve Bolte, Danella’s Vice-President of Business Development for North America. “With today’s focus on Precision Scheduled Railroading, you want to get on the rail, get your track maintenance done and get off – quickly, efficiently and safely. Danella’s products are equipped with the features you need and backed by superior maintenance and service for outstanding performance and safety.”

Equipped with a tandem axle and a gross vehicle weight (GVW) rating between 56,000 and 66,000 the truck is capable of withstanding sizeable loads resulting in fewer ballast delivery trips. The Hi-Rail Rotary Dump Truck can handle a wide variety of materials including sand, dirt, gravel and rock. The truck is serviced and maintained according to specific guidelines for reliable performance to allow you to operate in tough railroad environments as safely as possible.

Interested in renting a Hi-Rail Rotary Dump Truck for your hi-rail project? Reach out to Steve Bolte at sbolte@danella.com.

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