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Employee Spotlight: Caitlin Loughran

Employee Spotlight: Caitlin Loughran

Published on: April 22, 2020

Categories: Employee Profile

As most know, determination is a key element to success., especially at Danella. Determined to find a new customer, determined to win a big bid, determined to succeed. When asked to describe herself with three traits, Caitlin Loughran from Danella Construction Corp of FL, pinpointed her organization skills, willingness to learn, and determination.

Caitlin has worked professionally in the construction industry for over a decade, joining Danella in 2014 a Project Estimator, and then Project Manager. Her passion stems from her childhood, and the love of the tangible, hands-on nature of our business. Growing up, Caitlin’s father encouraged her to help with projects around the house, and then with his work in home improvement. “I started from a young age holding the hardware Dad would need next and graduated to standing on a ladder as we replaced dry-rotted fascia on homes using a nail gun.”

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Originally from Norcross, GA, Caitlin’s family moved to South Carolina when she was a child. Furthering her career in construction, Caitlin made a move to the Melbourne, FL area. After a year, she took a brief hiatus and worked in the manufacturing industry, but wanted to get back into construction. She posted her resume online and it so happened that Danella was hiring. “Danella allowed me to get back into the construction industry and learn a different aspect of the industry. My construction background consisted of retail buildings, power plant generators, and high voltage power cables. The estimating and project management work I have experienced at Danella has expanded my knowledge and understanding of the communications industry, specifically in the fiber optic world. It’s a cool thing to know that you are helping a municipality connect their city hall to fire stations and police stations.”

“Caitlin has grown from being an estimator to manager of our bid division and has been instrumental in obtaining additional clients and growing the division.”

Tom Schinske, Vice President of DCC-FL commented on Caitlin’s commitment to ensuring Danella’s growth: “Caitlin has been with Danella almost six years. She has grown from being an estimator to manager of our bid division and has been instrumental in obtaining additional clients and growing the division.” Currently working as an Area Manager, Caitlin’s day-to-day duties consist of a variety of tasks, including team meetings, customer meetings, safety, ordering materials, and estimating for upcoming projects. One of her concerns from a management perspective is the scarcity of trade knowledge in the hiring market today. She notes that one major hurdle the construction industry is facing could be solved rather simply: “We have to bring trades back to the high school level. There just needs to be more accessible training for the variety of construction trades. How do we grow the industry if we don’t grow the options?” This would be an excellent time for encouraging students and young adults to consider a career in construction. Women especially should be made aware of the opportunities that are available to them as currently (2019) only 9.1% of the construction workforce is made up of women.

Outside of work Caitlin, is an avid runner and dancer. She has danced—ballet, tap, jazz, and acrobatics—since she was three years old. Caitlin was selected in 1992, to be part of the Atlanta Ballet’s Nutcracker as a Toy Soldier and continued to dance throughout college. She now participates in the Space Coast Ballet Company, which has become a family affair with her niece and husband being part in the recent production of the Nutcracker.