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Developing Broadband Networks in a Customer-Driven Market

Infrastructure Support From Start to Finish – and For Years to Come.

Danella’s Engineering and Construction Management team provides outside plant fiber optic network design, permitting, and construction support for broadband networks nationwide.

Whether you’re a service provider, municipality, or agency looking to expand your current fiber optic network or need support planning and designing new infrastructure from the ground up, our team of skilled professionals supports you through the entire lifecycle. We bring decades of invaluable construction expertise to fiber optic projects, and specialize in planning and developing middle mile, backbone, and fiber to premise distribution networks in both aerial and underground environments.

Diverse environments require diverse approaches. There is no “one size fits all” model for planning a network. Our design and construction management teams collaborate with clients during all phases of the project to deliver a customized solution. Using real-world experience, the most current technologies, and by staying abreast of industry trends, our team delivers a design that is logical, functional, and scalable.

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