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J. Daniel & Company

J. Daniel & Company, Inc. of Danella Companies is a full-service utility contractor specializing in the communications, electric and water industries. The team rises to the challenge for any project with a proven track record of on-time and on-budget construction as well as industry-leading personnel, equipment, and management.

A Brief History of J. Daniel

In 1979, Danella began to expand its footprint outside of Pennsylvania. With this expansion came new business ventures, including the opening of an Ohio division in 1981. This new division needed a name, something that could continue to portray the Danella brand. With the help of Gina Pierce, Jim Danella’s Executive Assistant, it was decided the company should be named J. Daniel, utilizing Jim’s middle name.

Over the next 30 years, J. Daniel has successfully grown to include a team that has extensive knowledge of the utility industry.

What We Do

J. Daniel & Company’s work is an essential part of maintenance and new construction for the utility infrastructure of Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana. We pride ourselves in the quality of work completed, with a constant focus on safety. Our team provides world-class communications, electric, and water utility services that are cost-effective solutions for our customers.


The team at J. Daniel is equipped to complete any project in any environment, no matter the magnitude of the project. Our team specializes in both underground and aerial construction, maintenance, and removal of communication services. Past projects completed include installation of fiber optic cable, PVC conduit, HDPE interduct, and buried cable.


Included in our family of solutions is water utility construction. The J. Daniel team is able to successfully perform maintenance and repair, installation of water mains and hydrants, along with water service cutovers. J. Daniel offers a versatile solution for water needs through designing, constructing, and maintaining the water utility infrastructure for our customers.


Our workforce can handle any situation, whether energized or de-energized with the utmost safety and efficiency. With turnkey solutions for construction and maintenance for electric utility companies, J. Daniel offers a range of underground and aerial solutions for customers.

Previous projects have included:

  • Directional drilling for the installation of electric conduit
  • Installing/rebuilding/removing electric manholes
  • Installing precast concrete vaults and manholes
  • Provides joint trench construction
  • Installing electric cables in conduit and manhole systems