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Maintain Your Cool All Summer Long

Maintain Your Cool All Summer Long

Published on: June 13, 2024

Categories: Health & Wellness, Safety

Summer brings scorching heat in many parts of the country. Danella’s crews work year-round across the nation which means they encounter all types of weather and thus, weather related issues. So what does Danella do to ensure our workers are remaining safe in rising temps?

Recognizing the Signs

Often heat stress and heat stroke may be used interchangeably, but they’re two separate conditions. Heat stress, or heat exhaustion, is the first sign the body’s internal temperature control system is overwhelmed and cannot regulate itself. Some of the early signs include skin feeling cool to the touch and pale to the eye even if the person is sweating, fever, headache, muscle cramps, confusion, and nausea.

Heat stroke is a medical emergency and requires immediate action. Besides the symptoms of heath stress, individuals also experience delirium and a fever of 104 degrees Farenheit or higher.


While there is not a universal standard for preventing heat stress, Danella makes every effort to follow industry best practices as well as current medical research to ensure a safe environment for our employees. Our practices are robust and constantly re-assessed to ensure they meet the most up to date information and focus on the safety of our employees. While this is not a comprehensive list, the largest focus areas include:

Acclimation – wherever possible, efforts are made to let an individual incrementally build up to desired physical output in hot temperatures before fully exerting themselves. This is in keeping with the American Industrial Hygiene Association guidelines, which note that people in good physical condition tend to acclimate better because their cardiovascular systems are better equipped to handle extremes – a nod to the importance of healthy eating and exercise habits.

Engineering Controls – Making work environments cooler whenever possible.

Safe Work Practices – Danella’s safe work practices vary from hour to hour – sometimes minute to minute – and may include the following:

Heat Index – the heat index is a system that looks at temperature and humidity (as opposed to temperature alone) to determine how heat will affect humans. Danella monitors the heat index throughout the day to determine whether the above safe work practices need to be adjusted.


In 2023, there were over 2,000 deaths attributed to heat related issues. As the numbers rise with the temperatures, we at Danella continue to focus on the highest safety standards and practices to protect our crews.

Whether you’re part of a crew that works outside or you just enjoy the outdoors, we encourage you to practice safe habits this summer. Keep up your water intake, make sure to take plenty of breaks, stay cool, and enjoy the warmer months!