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50th Anniversary

Making Life Go®For 50 Years

Since May 5, 1972, Danella has been working to make life go. For over 50 years, Jim Danella, Chairman & CEO, has built Danella Companies, Inc. to include numerous divisions and lines of business.

A Thank You From Our CEO and Chairman

James Danella

On May 5, 1972, the final papers were signed transferring the ownership of a small construction company in Norristown Pennsylvania, T.W. Faulkner, Jr. Inc., to the Danella Companies and our story began.  Unfortunately, the next day was one of the worst days in the 50-year history of Danella, when the majority of Faulkner’s management team literally walked out the door. Not to be discouraged, the remaining team and those we added over the years proceeded to build Danella into a top 10 leader within the infrastructure construction field and a provider of the highest quality rentals.

As the company celebrates 50 years today, it is a time for celebration but also reflection on what we have all accomplished and what the future holds. I am only a ‘construction guy’ leading an organization in an industry of thousands, but every day I am amazed that we have grown over the years from one small office/yard to having a rental footprint in each of the 50 states, construction in 15 states and over 1,800 employees across the country. This kind of success does not just happen, it is the result of tireless hard work, dedication, and the loyalty of every Danella team member, past and present, that makes Danella what it is today. I want to express my heartfelt appreciation for everyone who has contributed to the success of Danella in the past 50 years.

Be well,

Danella Signature

By valuing people, safety, and integrity in all Danella’s work, the company has become an industry leader in the utility, transit, and railroad industries, as well as storm restoration and equipment rentals.

Looking Forward to Another 50 Years

The future success of Danella Companies is limitless. With opportunities constantly evolving as our country’s aging infrastructure continues to need repair or replacement, Danella will continue to stand at the forefront of the industry dedicated to safety, quality, and performance with Pride in Everything We Do.