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Building the Networks that Connect the World

Telecommunication technology is moving at the speed of innovation, putting pressure on telecommunication companies to build fast and respond to problems faster.

Danella honors this urgency without sacrificing safety or results. Equipped with the resources and experience to successfully accomplish projects of any scope, Danella is perpetually prepared to mobilize anywhere in the continental United States.

Our rapid, reliable approach rectifies communication utility construction, repair, and maintenance needs. Our customers and their customers benefit from well-executed solutions spanning design, permitting, and construction. With experienced manpower, proper equipment, and expert skills, Danella is the fast and final answer to telecom projects and problems.


Wireless Small Cell Communications

Smaller than cellular towers and critical to today’s connectivity, wireless small cells are key components of an increasingly mobile world. Danella entered the wireless small cell market in 2018. In a relatively short time, we’ve proven ourselves as frontrunners, forward-thinkers, and reliable partners in this robust and important space.

Our team works with the utmost expediency to:

  • Build and set towers
  • Feed power and fiber optics to towers
  • Connect power
  • Mount antennae and radios
  • Perform appropriate testing

Underground and Aerial Communication Services

Danella routinely works up high and down low, where of the majority of telecommunication infrastructure lives.

Underground, Danella installs fiber optic cable, PVC conduit, HDPE innerduct, and buried cable – and our crew ensure restoration of the job site is done right. Our teams specialize in the restoration of concrete, blacktop, liquid asphalt, oil and chip, and pre-coated aggregate surfaces.

Aerial plant construction efforts are executed just as safely and thoroughly, whether we are installing copper, coax, or fiber optic cable in new or existing markets, pulling optical fiber ground wire, or removing existing telephone plants,


The full scope of our aerial and underground solutions include:

  • Pole Construction
  • Fiber Splicing and Testing
  • Directional Drilling
  • Duct Construction, Maintenance, and Restoration
  • Communication Cabinets, including Power Installation – Pole and Pad
  • Mounts
  • Building Entries, ISP Construction
  • Manhole Placement, Construction, Rebuilds, and Modifications
  • Duct Rodding and Cleaning
  • BSW Installation Fiber and Copper
  • MDU

Meeting Your Biggest Challenges

Timing: Upon receipt of customer approval and materials, Danella’s crews deploy without delay. Careful expedience ensures quality work and efficient turnarounds.

Materials: Danella has long-standing relationships with an extensive array of materials distributors and suppliers, ensuring quick procurement of quality parts.

Training and Safety: Our commitment to safety is anything but lip service. At Danella, mandatory training ensures workers’ confidence and compliance with safety standards. Danella equipment, including vehicles, receive the utmost in maintenance and care. Our team adheres to all city and state codes and standards as well as safety standards. Learn more about Danella’s safety program by clicking here.