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Railroad Services

Railroad Services

Danella delivers reliable, experienced, and comprehensive maintenance of way services.

On Track to the Infrastructure of Tomorrow

When you need maintenance, construction, and rehabilitation services for your railroad, Danella has the equipment, expertise, and employees to handle the job expertly.

Our services include but are not limited to, mainline and industrial track surfacing, wood and concrete tie replacement, rail replacement, track rehabilitation, professional equipment operation, right-of-way cleanup, tie removal, industrial car moving & switching, tree trimming, vegetation management, and track construction.

Danella works with you as a partner, hand-in-glove, keeping your industry, passengers, and cargo moving in the right direction. Our management team brings more than 100 years of combined experience and innovation in railway management and field services to the table.

If you’re short on staff or resources, you can count on Danella to handle or assist your project from start to finish—from consulting to job completion. And, you can feel confident knowing we have over 6,000 pieces of equipment to get the job done anywhere across North America.

Industries We Serve

  • Railroads & Rail Maintenance
  • Short Lines and Class One
  • Transit Systems
  • Maritime
  • Airport Transportation
  • Industrial Bulk Supply Rail Facilities
  • Industrial Chemicals Rail Facilities
  • Oil & Gas Rail Facilities

Have an environmentally sensitive location? Danella has decades of experience working in sensitive areas with minimal ground disturbances.

MEH 5339

Competent to Handle All of Your Maintenance Requirements

Whether you know what services you need or are not certain where to start, Danella can help. We offer everything from consulting services to a full suite of railroad maintenance services including:

  • Production Surfacing and Linin
  • New Track Construction
  • Yard Maintenance
  • Switch Installation
  • Tie Replacement
  • Thermite Welding
  • Right-of-Way Scrap Clean-Up
  • Rental of On-Track Maintenance Equipment
  • Industrial Car Moving
  • Vegetation/Debris Removal
  • Directional Drilling

Because our national footprint spans the United States’ mass infrastructure, our team can move quickly for you.

We not only have the connections and resources, but we also have the most modern equipment in place and ready to go. We are working to minimizing your downtime to the fullest extent. Our connections and resources are especially beneficial to our transit clients, such as smaller railroad operators, who may not have the staff or onsite experience to handle these services.

In addition to leveraging Danella’s in-depth experience, ability, and knowledge, you can also feel confident our team adheres to only the most rigorous safety standards.

Are you looking for specialized equipment rentals?

Danella is one of the largest equipment rental company in the U.S. with a rock-solid reputation in the railroad industry. We have the equipment you can’t find with others in the industry.

In-Depth Experience Vegetation Management

The line of sight is a critical concern in railway and transit. Federal mandates require rail workers can see railway signals and obstacles on the tracks. This requires services such as:

  • Tree trimming—on and off-track
  • Vegetation removal—on and around tracks
  • Brush control—spraying and mowin
  • Herbicide application (pre-emergent and post-emergent) broadcast applications on track.

Danella is an approved Bayer Chemical Pro Applicator, adhering to strict standards—and we are licensed across multiple states.

MEF 6032

Call us today at 904.524.1873 to discuss your railroad servicing needs or email for more information.