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Underground Electric

Underground Electric

Danella has the experience, workforce and equipment to handle every underground electrical job.

Industry Leaders in Underground Electrical

There’s good reason the largest and most respected utility companies in the United States depend on Danella.

When it comes to underground electrical construction, maintenance and inspection services, or storm restoration our extensive workforce of qualified workers is experienced, reliable and committed to the highest quality workmanship using the safest practices. We are industry leaders in underground electrical utilities construction and maintenance.

Since 1990, Danella’s underground electrical utilities team has been called upon as experts in the field in both energized and de-energized situations. We’re a full-service provider to many of the nation’s largest utilities and investor-owned utilities.

And, for those times when emergency situations arise, and the power goes out, you can feel confident we’re ready to respond on a moment’s notice.

Underground Electric

Services & Capabilities

Here are highlights of a few of the services we provide:

  • Directional drilling
  • Underground installation of new conduit and manhole systems
  • Pre-cast manholes and field-cast manholes and manhole extensions
  • Joint trenching and facilities placement
  • Fault location and repair
  • Service and repair of existing UG systems
  • Cable installation and relocation
  • Terminations
  • Duct bank installations
  • Hot and cold splicing and cable termination
  • Open trench facilities installation

Not only do we provide the workforce but as a full-service partner we also have a complete line of heavy-duty equipment for every job.

For more information or to request a quote, call 1-610-828-6200.