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About Danella
Health & Wellness

Health & Wellness

Our culture revolves around excellence, including the health and wellness of our employees

A proactive commitment to wellness, and the health of all Danella employees and their families.

The health and safety of our employees is a core part of our operation. Danella works to promote an environment that strongly supports employees in making good lifestyle choices every day.

Emphasized from the top-down, Jim Danella leads the charge when it comes to health.

“Our work can only be done if our employees are safe, healthy, and able to come to work. Danella’s commitment to wellness, and the health of our employees and families is what ensures our work is completed in a timely manner”

— Jim Danella

Our benefits program, which boasts plan options for health, dental, and vision, enables our employees to take charge of their health. In addition, our organization encourages all staff to further take charge of their health through our Wellness Program and Employee Assistance Program.

Our Wellness Program

For over 10 years, Danella has committed to the health of all Danella employees by partnering with a wellness provider. This partnership provides tools and resources for employees to help them understand their health risk factors and to take a proactive approach on their health, their family’s health, and the health of the company overall.

Everyone at Danella is encouraged to participate in the wellness initiatives. Those who participate are eligible to receive a premium discount in the Company’s health plan.

The Wellness Program is designed to promote physical and mental health. Employees can participate through various activities, webinars, seminars and customized coaching. Our program is designed with a wide range of topics so that participants can choose the area that will most benefit them.

Employee Assistance Program

Danella also offers employees the ability to reach out to an Employee Assistance Program (EAP). EAPs traditionally assist workers who may be facing mental health issues, relationship challenges, financial or legal problems or have questions about a child or elder care. Our EAP can help resolve healthcare and insurance-related issues and help improve work/life balance. As an added benefit, these services are extended to employee’s direct family members and are available 24/7.

Walk, Run, Bike, and more

Danella encourages employees to participate frequently in community events such as walks, runs, bike rides, exercise classes, and more.

Have questions about Danella’s health and wellness commitment? Email