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Extensive Overhead Electrical Expertise

Trust Danella to Expertly Handle Your Overhead Electrical Needs

Danella’s team of highly-skilled, qualified workers across the country has extensive experience in overhead power distribution, transmission and substations for utility companies nationwide.

Whether it’s the construction, installation, maintenance, and storm restoration of power transmission lines and poles, street light installations or bridge attachments, trust Danella to get the job done right and completed on-time. Our team is highly qualified with decades of in-depth knowledge and experience.

When you work with Danella you can also be confident safety is our highest concern—and it shows in our 47-year track record.

Our Team Is Always Prepared and Ready-To-Go

Time is money and when you say “go” you need a team to hit the ground running—whether it’s the start of a new project or to remedy a power failure from a downed line, a blown transformer or a high-voltage powerline that’s stopped delivering power to the substation.

Danella has already been pre-qualified by utilities across the U.S. Once you award a project to Danella, our specialized aerial electric team will immediately begin the preconstruction process to ensure the project starts as expected. In an emergency situation, whether it’s a local outage or a mass blackout affecting the grid, we deploy our teams and equipment 24/7.

Whether you need us for a week, a month, a year or longer, you can count on Danella’s team of experienced workforce to get the job done.

Going Above and Beyond

Who We Serve

Make Danella Your First Call For Above Ground Electrical Services

Here are a few highlights of aerial services we can provide for you…

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