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Danella Cares
Jefferson Medical Scholarship

Danella Cares

Jefferson Medical Scholarship Opportunity

Giving back and growing forward

Danella Companies is proud to make a philanthropic impact on the Philadelphia region through our support of medical student education at the Sidney Kimmel Medical College at Thomas Jefferson University.

In 2015, the James D. and Mary Jo Danella Family Scholarship was established by the Danella Family to provide financial support in the form of scholarships awarded to Sidney Kimmel Medical College students who demonstrate leadership potential. Jim and Mary Jo Danella saw the impact that medical schools have not only in developing good physicians but creating public health programs that reach millions of people.

Danella Companies is committed to the health and wellness of the greater community and our employees. Through our support of the next generation of physicians, our investment in the education of Sidney Kimmel Medical College students comes at a critical time in the United States, with the cost of a medical school education continuing to rise. In recent years, the average debt that medical school graduates carry has climbed from $161,739 in 2010 to $179,000 in 2016 (inflation adjusted).

It can take decades for physicians to pay off hefty loans. Studies have shown that debt has a significant impact on what field of study medical school graduates pursue and where they develop their professional careers. Every year selected medical students are awarded over $15,000 per year from the Danella Family Scholarship to assist with tuition, books, living expenses, travel, and insurance.

“The impact of the Family Scholarship is almost immediate with these scholars working to help those in need,” Jim Danella stated. “Through their programs and career, each student will see thousands of patients a year, interacting with a large part of the community. The work these scholarships enable, has a much larger impact on the community at large than one would imagine.”

We are proud to support the aspirations of current and future Danella Scholars at the Sidney Kimmel Medical College through our endowed scholarship, reducing their debt and enabling these students to pursue a career in the medical specialty of their choice.

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