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Raising Awareness for Breast Cancer

Raising Awareness for Breast Cancer

Published on: October 21, 2016

Categories: Events, Health & Wellness

Educating about Breast Cancer Warning Signs, Detection, and Screenings

Andrea Wentzell
Marketing Coordinator

Robin Bender
Benefits Administrator/Wellness Coordinator


Today, all Danella companies are acknowledging those affected by breast cancer, as well as raising awareness of the need to be proactive with diagnosing breast cancer before it is life threatening. Throughout the company, employees are wearing pink as part of a continued effort to bring attention to this disease, which can affect one in eight women. Below are several photos of our employees taking part in raising awareness.

As the second most common cause of cancer deaths among women, early detection is an important factor in surviving this disease. To help our employees and their families with self-screening, reusable breast self-examination aids are being distributed throughout the company. Information sheets, including the warning signs, were also handed out to educate employees and their families.

When it comes to breast cancer, there are some important tips:


Remember, breast cancer is not a one gender disease, and can affect both men and women of any age—whether there is a family history or not! It is important to visit your doctor regularly and follow these tips, stay healthy, and reduce risk factors for cancer.

It is hard to find someone who has not been affected or knows someone who has been affected by breast cancer. We hope everyone takes advantage of these tools and information, sharing it with friends, family, and the community. We at Danella proudly support those individuals who have, had, or have passed from this horrible disease, as well as their love ones who have been with them every step of the way.


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Breast Cancer Awareness - DUCI
Danella Utility Construction showing off their pink. Center, Ann Oden a 13-year survivor of Breast Cancer.

Breast Cancer Awareness - Payroll Office
Pictured are Chuck DiBona and Rose Mapp from Payroll. Rose is a 23-year survivor of Breast Cancer.

Breast Cancer Awareness - Accounting / Benefits Office
Our Accounting, Benefits, and GPS Office staff at Corporate all wearing pink!

Breast Cancer Awareness - NJ
DCC-NJ employees supporting and bringing awareness to the cause.

Breast Cancer Awareness - Danella Rentals
Danella Rentals Systems, Inc. sporting their pink apparel.

Breast Cancer Awareness - DLSI
Danella Line Services, Inc. employees showing their support.