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Burn Awareness: Prevention and Care

Burn Awareness: Prevention and Care

Published on: February 6, 2017

Categories: Health & Wellness, Safety

In 2016, over 486,000 individuals were medically treated for burn injuries, derived from fire, hot liquids, improper electric wiring, chemicals, and more. The majority of these injuries were preventable.

Knowledge about burns, and how safety can play a part in preventing them, is important to investigate. The best way to prevent burns is to, of course, stay away from hot materials, but for many parents with children, it is often hard to get the message across that hot means hot. Children make up one-third of all burn injuries and taking preventative action to reduce these burns is important. The US Fire Administration and American Burn Association offer some simple tips:


Burn Severity ChartTreating burns properly after exposure to extreme heat is important. Do not use ice, apply butter or ointments, or break blisters. Each of these can cause further damage to the wound, and even increase the severity of a burn. Depending on the severity of the burns and size the treatment is different. The image to the right can help determine the severity of the burn.


The National Safety Council offers a handy guide to treating burns here: Burn Guide.
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