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Danella Expands Capability to Communication Towers

Danella Expands Capability to Communication Towers

Published on: September 20, 2023

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Communications towers play a critical role in our personal and business lives. In fact, without communications towers, the world would virtually come to a halt. Communications towers hold the wireless equipment that help our cell phones, emergency response equipment and aviation equipment work.

Today, there are more than 400,000 cell towers in the U.S. That number continues to grow as usage expands. By 2025, the number of mobile devices is expected to reach 18.22 billion, an increase of 1.4 billion devices compared to 2023 levels.  

Communications towers are typically built by a tower company in partnership with a wireless carrier so that they can expand their network coverage or capacity. In July 2022, Danella added communications towers construction to its already robust portfolio of communication services through its Wireless Division.

A Growing List of Services

“Cell towers were a natural extension to our wireless roster of services, as we’ve specialized in the planning, design, installation and maintenance of communication infrastructure for over 50 years,” says Andrew DeFlavis, Wireless Operations Manager at Danella. This includes telecommunications networks, fiber optic cables, wireless networks, satellite systems and microwave systems, as well as steel installation, modifications and upgrades, and small cell and DAS systems.

Danella’s history with telecommunications dates back to the 1980s. When millions of feet of fiber optic lines were being run and poles set for both residential and commercial customers, Danella Line Services, Inc. began work, and two years later, became its own division. Throughout the 1990s, during the boom and into the 2000s, the Lines Division updated obsolete and outdated telecommunication technology. Since then, the division has worked in over 11 states, and for more than 26 large communication customers.

“We have the capabilities to set up communication towers, install antennas, install coaxial and fiber optic cabling, and connect various devices and equipment, to ensure seamless connectivity and reliable communication channels,” adds Flavis.

The More We Do, The More We Learn

Danella’s highly skilled technicians collaborate with clients to assess their specific needs, create customized solutions, and execute efficient construction and maintenance projects. With the addition of cell towers, Danella’s complete line of telecommunication services now includes:

Danella’s motto, “Pride In Everything We Do.®” is inherent in its Wireless Division—the fast and final answer to telecom projects, now including tower construction. Reach out to Danella for more information about any of our services.