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Danella Wellness Program Keeps Families Healthy

Danella Wellness Program Keeps Families Healthy

Published on: December 18, 2018

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Most people expect to be offered insurance coverage for medical benefits from their employer, but having good health starts way before you walk into a doctor’s office after you’ve gotten sick. That’s why Danella offers a Wellness Program, Fitness Reimbursement Programs, and an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) administered by an outside health advocacy provider, to give our employees support to keep them and their families healthy.

Wellbeing Isn’t Just Physical

Your health is tied into your overall wellbeing. Your physical health is connected in surprising ways to your mental health, financial wellbeing, your family life, and your work/life balance. It makes sense for companies to help support their employees in all of these areas of their lives, because problems in those areas can lead to more sickness and absenteeism, which raises healthcare costs. It’s also the right thing to do for valued members of the team who make Danella what it is today.

Stress puts a lot of strain on your body, and it can actually make you physically sick. That’s why Danella’s Wellness Program includes both education and support. You can tune into regular webinars, seminars and events to get health information that will help you take better care of yourself and your family, such as breast cancer awareness or how to prevent heart disease. You may have seen some of our awareness campaigns as well, such as the “National Wear Red Day” for heart disease awareness campaign in February.

Being Proactive With Your Health Can Save You Money

You can earn a discount on premiums by being proactive with your health through Danella’s Wellness Program. We offer a Fitness Program that you can use to earn cash rewards for going to the gym—all you need to do is provide a printout or statement from your gym confirming how many times you’ve attended. Many insurance companies also offer their own incentives for exercising, so be sure to check with your provider.

We also hold volunteer events such as charity walks that provide exercise and the feel-good benefit of giving back. To find educational webinars, as well as a library for tips on dealing with bankruptcy, diabetes and other personal issues, check our wellness provider BHS’s website at or our EAP’s website.

Resources for Wellbeing are At Your Fingertips

It can be difficult and stressful to navigate the healthcare process, that’s why Danella engages a third-party health advocacy partner, Health Advocate. If you need a second opinion for a diagnosis or course of treatment, Health Advocate can look for doctors for you. If you are having trouble with an insurance claim, Health Advocate can work with the carrier on your behalf to get it fixed.

The EAP, or Employee Assistance Program, is offered to all employees, not just those that elect benefits, and can provide support in many areas of your life. You never need to worry that information you share through the EAP will be shared with Danella. It is strictly confidential, and exists to provide you with the support you need.

An EAP can point you in the direction of resources to help you cope with a death in the family, substance abuse issues, thoughts of suicide, or financial bankruptcy to name a few. Your spouse, children, parents, and in-laws are also covered through the EAP, so you can use it to get guidance as a new parent or find help navigating the Medicare system for your own parents. You don’t need to have health insurance to use the EAP, and there is no cost to you. The EAP is provided by Danella as a resource to all employees.

Another resource available to Danella employees for more clinical assistance is ConnectCare3. Nurse navigators are available to assist with a medical diagnosis that requires a specialist and they can help you understand your diagnosis, locate specialists, and avoid needless costs.

Danella only exists because of the hard work and dedication of our team members. By taking care of yourself, your family, and each other, the whole team becomes stronger. Be sure to take advantage of all the Health and Wellness resources that Danella has to offer.