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Employee Spotlight: The Tolliferreos

Employee Spotlight: The Tolliferreos

Published on: May 11, 2023

Categories: Employee Profile

Danella is a family-oriented company, and perhaps no two employees demonstrate that better than the father-son team of Marco Antonio Tolliferreo Sr. and Marco Antonio Tolliferreo Jr. who work on Danella’s LocusView team.

“We pretty much started working together 34 years ago on the day I was born,” says Marco Jr. “We’ve been working together on brushing teeth, catching fish, and countless other things. We’ve been working together in the business arena for about 18 years now.”

The Marcos sitting at a desk
The father and son team are all smiles.

As part of the LocusView team, “the Marcos,” as they are affectionately referred to perform underground mapping of gas mains and utilities to give construction teams precisely accurate locations of all underground services.

They conducted similar work with another company prior to joining Danella in December, but they are now enjoying Danella’s mission and values. “At Danella, everyone really takes pride in the work they do,” Marco Sr. says, “We all work really hard to do the job right the first time.”

LocusView was developed by PECO, and the Marcos work hand-in-hand with PECO reps. Then they work with their LocusView team to give Danella’s construction teams the mapping they need to do their jobs effectively.

While utility companies offer “one call” services to mark utility locations with paint lines on the ground, LocusView uses GPS to provide a precise 3D digital mapping of all services including depth. This is done pre-construction, but they also follow-up to note the exact locations of newly installed gas lines and other services as the project develops.

“Safety is our top priority.” Marco Sr. says, “We provide a much more accurate map for Danella’s construction teams to use so they can do their job more safely.”

Welcome to the Team

The Marcos were a welcome, and necessary addition to the team.

“I was looking to bring in new leadership and add structure to the LocusView program, which is the Danella Gas Mapping department,” says Al Alessandrine​, Vice President of Gas. “I was very familiar with both Marco Sr. and Marco Jr. from past projects. Knowing that the father and son team work extremely well together, once in position, they would bring success to LocusView as they have on past projects. And currently are doing just that!”

While the father-son-team really enjoy working together, they do admit to a challenge: talking about work during off-hours. They often find themselves discussing work projects during family dinners and get-togethers.

“It’s sometimes hard to cut the work thing off and just kick back.” Marco Sr. says, “working together can make it a little harder to find that work-life balance.”

“It’s almost like you take a co-worker home with you every night!” Marco Jr. added.

When not at work, the Marcos love spending quality time with family, traveling, and hosting large barbeques.  They also enjoy fishing trips, classic car shows and playing sports.   Marco Sr. lives in Delaware County, Pennsylvania and Marco Jr. lives in Philadelphia.

Both Marco Sr. and Jr. are immensely proud of the work they’re doing at Danella. “We worked with PECO and Danella to revamp this department.” Marco Jr. says, “We have such a great team here now. We’re a small part of Danella, but we are an essential, hard-working team who is committed to the mission.”

“Mr. Danella built a family-oriented company from the ground up, and now Danella really is like a family.” Marco Sr. says, “We see fathers and sons, brothers and sisters, mothers and daughters, and even entire families working here. It’s a great environment for us.”