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ENR’s Top 600 Specialty Contractors List: How Danella Ranks

ENR’s Top 600 Specialty Contractors List: How Danella Ranks

Published on: October 30, 2018

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This past week the Engineering News-Record’s (ENR) released its 2018 Top 600 Specialty Contractors list. Once again, Danella is ranked as a top provider, number 93, for United States utility services.

The construction industry continues to exhibit growth, especially within the utility infrastructure sector, and many contractors are leaving their mark on the industry. The ENR report, which was released last week, can be found in full by clicking here. The report explained that “for most specialty trade contractors, there seems to be no signs of the market running out of steam over the next 12 to 18 months.” Many organizations over the last year have seen significant growth, with firms taking on the challenge to replace aged or broken utilities.

Danella continues to rank within the top 100 of the 600 contractors, with this year’s ranking being number 93. As an organization, we are also proud to rank number 9 in the Top 20 Utility Firms listing. We take pride in continuing to be in the Top 100 of our industry, with many much larger, older, and public firms taking the lead in 2018 within the listing.

Jim Danella would like to thank all of our employees for the hard work and dedication it has taken for us to continue to serve our customers, enabling us to be ranked once again in the top 100. Our people, their families, neighbors, and communities are the people we work to serve. Thank you again to everyone from laborers to office staff, and especially our customers for allowing us to continue to take “Pride in Everything We Do. ®”

Since 1972, Danella has delivered industry-leading performance, supporting our nation’s infrastructure across the gas, electric, communications, water, steam, transit, and railroad industries, as well as storm restoration services. In addition, we are a leader in the truck and construction equipment rental industry, serving primarily railroads, transit authorities and utility companies. Learn more about Danella.