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Rental 101: Renting a Bucket Truck

Rental 101: Renting a Bucket Truck

Published on: April 14, 2022

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Bucket trucks are very important for railroad operations especially for electrical work or trimming trees. Danella is here to make sure you get the right truck for what you need to do. Here are some things to think about before you rent:

Are you going on the rails? If you need to take this truck on the rails, Danella can equip the truck with medium or heavy duty rail gear, front brakes, rail sweeps, shunts and a railroad light package for safety.

What kind of work are you doing? If you’re doing electrical work, or working around electrical lines, you’ll need an insulated bucket truck to protect your crew from electrocution.

How far do you need to reach? Our trucks reach from 37’ to 55’.

What kind of boom? An articulated over-centered truck has the boom in the center. It can be moved and extended in different directions which provides added flexibility. A telescopic articulated truck doesn’t move as well, but it can be extended to a high height.

What equipment do you need? Our trucks can be configured with various compartments, hitch package, and more.

Danella offers a 37’-41’ Bucket Truck with telescopic/articulating boom and optional medium duty rail gear… a 41’-45’ Bucket Truck with telescopic boom, material handler, heavy duty rail gear and optional hitch package…  a 55’ Bucket Truck with articulating boom, heavy duty rail gear and optional hitch package…and a 60’ Elliott Platform Truck that offers three-section boom functionality with a SMARTControl system to provide smooth operation with the mounted work platform.

Danella’s vehicles are all designed for crew comfort and safety, including safely operating on the rails when configured to do so.

We can help you evaluate your needs and make sure you get the right bucket truck for your project.  Contact Steve Bolte at or request a rental quote here.