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Rental 101: Renting a Pickup Truck

Rental 101: Renting a Pickup Truck

Published on: March 15, 2022

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Renting a pickup truck is a fairly straightforward process, but working on or near railroads adds some complexity. Danella understands, and we’re here to make sure you get the right truck for your needs. Here are some things to think about before you rent:

Where are you going?

If you need to take this truck on the rails, Danella can equip the truck with light duty rail gear, railroad light package and shunts. If you’re going off-road, you can add 4-wheel drive to access hard-to-reach areas.

How many crew members will travel in this truck?

Most trucks come with a Standard Cab (to transport 3) but you can choose a Double Cab or even a Crew Cab to transport up to 6 people. The Crew Cab provides greater comfort, especially for those traveling in the second row.

What equipment will this truck carry?

The Standard Cab allows for a long bed (8 foot) which makes this handy if you need to haul long objects in this truck. The Double Cab comes with a standard bed (6 ½ feet) while the Crew Cab gives you the option of a short or standard-length bed.

How much compartment space do you need?

The ½ Ton Pickup can be outfitted with a crossbox toolbox and side toolbox. You can also add a spray-in liner and cap/bed cover to store tools in the truck bed.

The ¾ Ton Utility Truck comes with heavy-duty compartment doors with nitrogen strut door holders, stainless steel rotary locks and galvanized shelves. So this is a great choice if you need this truck to carry a quantity of tools and equipment.

We also have a Hi-Top Utility Truck for even greater tool storage, a Mechanic Truck with optional service body and crane, and a Track Inspection Truck with special body including toolboxes and shelving and even a hydraulic tool circuit.

We can help you evaluate your needs and make sure you get the right truck for your project.  Contact Steve Bolte at or request a rental quote here.