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Published on: April 18, 2024

Categories: Safety

David Pancoast
Corporate Safety Professional

danger will robinson

During the 1960’s there was a sci-fi TV series called, “Lost in Space.”  In it was a robot, whose name was Robot, that was able to sense danger and would alert the crew members. “Danger Will Robinson” was a familiar cry from the robot to warn the young boy, Will Robinson, of imminent danger. It was usually some sort of attack from an alien that no one else anticipated. Wouldn’t it be great if we all had our own personal robot to warn us of potentially dangerous or unsafe conditions?  Or if we were about to perform an unsafe act.  Yeah . . . that would be great.  Well maybe we do have a “robot”!

There are warning signs, safety devices on tools and equipment, Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) or Job Briefings, safety meetings, training classes on specific subjects, Danella Safety Videos, experienced co-workers, and a lot more.

Read and heed warning signs and labels, be familiar with the safety devices on equipment and tools, participate in a meaningful JHA or Job Briefing before work begins and as conditions change, review safety messages, attend and participate in safety meetings, attend and participate in safety training classes, listen to the ‘old-timers’ and learn from their experiences.

But where is the “robot” that will alert us of immediate pending danger? 

It may be in different forms, but the robot is there – for example:

You probably can think of a few more examples.

There is another very important way to warn someone of danger if they are about to do something that could result in an injury; tell them to Stop Unsafe Work!  Everyone on a crew has the Authority and Obligation to Stop Unsafe Work.  Sometimes we may lose focus or overlook situational awareness.  But a co-worker can help keep us safe just like the Lost in Space robot . . . Danger Will Robinson!

Image Credit: Lost in Space