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Specialty Equipment Spotlight: 580N Backhoe

Specialty Equipment Spotlight: 580N Backhoe

Published on: December 22, 2020

Categories: Rentals

The Case 580N and 580SN Backhoes allow you to build railroad infrastructure and complete spot-repairs quickly and effectively.

Key features:


“The Case 580N or 580SN Backhoe can obviously be used to build and repair railroad infrastructure, but it also features considerable additional versatility.

The front bucket with or without the fork option can be used for material handling to and from the worksite. The addition of the hydraulic thumb enables materials to be grabbed and moved. Rail guide wheels attached to the front bucket allow the backhoe to work and travel on the track. Danella Rental Systems, Inc specializes in the rental of vehicles and work equipment specifically for the railroad industry.” – Steve Bolte, Danella’s Vice President of Business Development for North America.

The 580N and 580SN Backhoes have all the options you need to safely work on track, move materials into position, and complete spot repairs.

Safety is always a paramount concern on the track, and Danella makes sure their backhoes have the necessary safety equipment to meet Federal Railroad Administration regulations. Interested in renting a Case 580N or 580SN Backhoe or any other make of backhoe? Reach out to Steve Bolte at or request a rental quote for this item here.