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Are You Ready for the Next Hurricane?

Are You Ready for the Next Hurricane?

Published on: October 13, 2022

Categories: Safety, Stories from the Field

Hurricane Ian’s devastating impact on Florida should serve to raise awareness about how much a hurricane can threaten lives, property, and critical infrastructure.While we hope we won’t see a storm as powerful as Ian make landfall in the United States again this year, the Atlantic hurricane season officially runs until November 30. So, if you haven’t already completed hurricane preparations, now is the time to get it done. That’s one of the primary messages behind the International Day of Disaster Risk Reduction on October 13.

Danella Will Help Get You Back in Business

As soon as a storm threatens the United States, Danella’s storm team will be mobilized to help with all aspects of restoration. In many cases, the team will be deployed prior to the storm’s arrival – positioned in a strategic location so they can get to work within hours after the storm has passed to begin repairing electrical poles and lines.Our specialized fleet is ready to address virtually every aspect of storm restoration and includes bucket trucks, digger derricks, trailers, utility trucks, dump trucks, crane trucks, and even a Mobile Command Center to help coordinate and direct our response. Our storm response teams work 7 days a week until power is restored. Danella’s storm team prepares for large events like hurricanes, but they’re ready for smaller events too, from summer thunderstorms to winter ice storms. Read about our response to a severe thunderstorm outbreak in Iowa here.

How You Can Get Ready: Your Hurricane Preparedness Checklist

Do your part to get ready for the next big storm and know that Danella is prepared to be there for you – to help restore power and critical infrastructure as quickly as possible. Learn more about Danella’s storm response here.

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