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It’s Our Business: Gas Utility Construction

It’s Our Business: Gas Utility Construction

Published on: April 28, 2017

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With over 45 years of outstanding execution, Danella has relentlessly pursued success in the gas utility field each and every day. Committed to consistently conducting business with integrity, accountability and professionalism, Danella believes that doing the right thing is just as important as doing things right.

We offer a diverse array of customer solutions for our nation’s gas utilities, and work to install new mains (plastic or steel), metering, and regulators. Danella also performs meter change-outs and the full spectrum of emergency services.

In addition to our experience in the gas utility industry, Danella also owns and operates directional drilling equipment to support the construction of new lines and to repair existing gas utility infrastructure. Minimal ground disturbances means our work is completed with less environmental impacts.

It is our privilege to serve the leaders of the gas utility industry, offering unparalleled service, while ensuring that safety is our first priority. In urban, suburban, off-road, and environmentally sensitive locations, Danella has a full complement of equipment and labor resources to support customer’s needs, regardless of the obstacles that may come up.

To learn more about our gas utility construction services, contact your local Danella division.  Information can be found by clicking here.