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Rental Spotlight: Hi-Rail Combination Welding Truck

Rental Spotlight: Hi-Rail Combination Welding Truck

Published on: December 3, 2020

Categories: Rentals

The Hi-Rail Combination Welding Truck allows you to bring all the welding tools and equipment you need right to your worksite on track quickly and safely.

Key Features:

“The Hi-Rail Combination Welding Truck lets you bring all the welding equipment you need right to your rail jobsite.

The enclosed body with plenty of dry storage means your welding material will be safe and dry. With a hefty payload capacity and rail puller rack, you can easily transport all the equipment needed to successfully execute welds with relative ease. In today’s world, with short work windows of track time, Danella’s vehicles and equipment enable you to access your work location, get the job done safely and get off track as quickly as possible.” – Steve Bolte, Danella’s Vice-President of Business Development for North America.

When welding on track, you need Danella’s Hi-Rail Combination Welding Truck. It includes an Oxy/Acetylene tote with 50’ hose reel.

The hydraulic tool circuit (10gpm or 5gpm) includes 50ft of twin-bonded hose and a spring rewind hose reel, so you can use any hydraulic tools needed.

Safety is always a priority at Danella, so the Hi-Rail Combination Welding Truck has an available fire suppression system that can be customized to your requirements.

Interested in renting a Hi-Rail Combination Welding Truck? Reach out to Steve Bolte at or request a rental quote for this item here.