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Rental 101: Renting a Crane

Rental 101: Renting a Crane

Published on: March 31, 2022

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At Danella, we want to make sure you get the right rental equipment for your railroad project. So this new series will help you identify some key factors to consider when choosing your specialty equipment, starting with a crane.

Safety is always the top priority, especially on the rails. That’s why Danella provides heavy-duty rail gear, insulated rail wheels and a railroad light package for cranes that will be operating on the rails.

Power lines and other obstacles are common around the railroad, so consider the location of lines along with buildings, trees and other potential obstacles when considering the type of crane you select for your project: telescopic, grapple, knuckle boom, etc. For example, a knuckle boom crane may be more effective in a tight space.

Consider the load you will need to lift. Various cranes have a wide variety of load limits. For example our knuckle boom hydraulic crane can lift up to 300,000 ft/lbs, while our 20 ton hydraulic crane has a 40,000 pound maximum lifting capacity.

When considering your load requirements, think about the reach that is required. How close can you get to the desired location? How high will you need to lift the load? Consider the grade of the work site. How will the wind affect your project? The higher you need to lift a load, the more wind will be a factor in how much your crane can safely lift.

The condition of your site is another factor in what type of crane you choose. If you’re staying on the rails you should have good support on the rail bed. But if you’re taking a crane onto a dirt road, consider the stability of the ground. When lifting heavy loads, the significant downward force can easily cause ground to shift.

Finally, think about what additional features you might need on the crane vehicle. Do you need a magnet on the crane? A hydraulic tool circuit? Hose reels? Compartments (including long bar storage)? We can provide you a wide variety of features to meet your specific needs.

We can help you evaluate your needs and make sure you get the correct crane for your project.  Contact Steve Bolte at or request a rental quote here.