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Specialty Equipment Spotlight: Hi-Rail Section Truck

Specialty Equipment Spotlight: Hi-Rail Section Truck

Published on: October 2, 2020

Categories: Rentals

With the Hi-Rail Section Truck, you can move personnel and equipment right to your worksite on the rails – safely, quickly and conveniently.

Key Features:

The Hi-Rail Section Truck is a workhorse that gives you the space and versatility to bring the tools and personnel you need right to your worksite.

“We’ve thought of almost everything you need,” says Steve Bolte, Danella’s Vice-President of Business Development for North America. “Room for 6 crew members, tons of large storage compartments, a crane, hydraulic tool circuit, and of course the hi-rail package. Danella’s products are optimized for safe, effective rail operation. The Hi-Rail Section Truck is perfect for bigger jobs where you need lots of personnel, tools and equipment on the scene.”

With Hi-Rail equipment and a variety of storage compartments, you can transport all the equipment you need right to your worksite – and then use the crane to place equipment right where you need it.

The crane has a 74,000’/LBS rating and has a 3-section hydraulic boom extension. With a maximum extension of 33 feet and a 420 degree rotation, you can place equipment even in tough-to-reach spots.

You’ll find compartments and spaces for virtually anything you want to bring along including overhead material racks with tie downs, and streetside and curbside vertical and underbody compartments. A gas cylinder storage compartment includes a removable tote.

A hydraulic tool circuit allows you to plug-in rail saws, a rail puller, and other tools quickly and easily. It includes 5/10 GPM circuits, 2 electric rewind hydraulic hose reels, and 45’ hose assemblies with quick disconnects.

The spacious crew cab can accommodate up to 6 people, useful if you need to split your crew up among different vehicles for greater social distancing.

You can choose from a variety of configurations to better match your needs. Contact us for more details.

Interested in renting a Hi-Rail Section Truck? Contact Steve Bolte at or request a rental quote for this item here.