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Specialty Equipment Spotlight: Digger Derrick

Specialty Equipment Spotlight: Digger Derrick

Published on: October 13, 2021

Categories: Rentals

Digging holes and setting poles are a common need along rails. This presents a challenge since you need a heavy-duty, capable digger in just the right spot. Danella’s Digger Derrick is a serious workhorse that can travel on or off the rails to help you dig the holes you need for setting poles or other purposes quickly, safely and efficiently.

“Danella combines the full capacity of today’s most effective work vehicles (including this popular Digger Derrick) with heavy-duty rail gear so you can travel on the rails safely if needed. This allows you to work safely and more efficiently both on and off the rails. Danella backs every vehicle with superior maintenance and service for outstanding performance and safety,”

– Steve Bolte, Danella’s Vice-President of Business Development for North America.

Digger Derrick

Our Digger Derrick gives you the capability to dig holes and set poles quickly, safely and efficiently.

Key features/available options:

Danella services and maintains its vehicles according to specific guidelines for reliable performance and safe operation in tough railroad environments. Equipment packages include heavy duty rail gear and standard safety equipment like strobe lights, back-up alarm, fire extinguisher and triangle reflector kit.

Interested in renting the Danella Digger for your hi-rail project? Contact Steve Bolte at or request a rental quote here.