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Specialty Equipment Spotlight: Dump Truck (Tandem & Tri-Axle)

Specialty Equipment Spotlight: Dump Truck (Tandem & Tri-Axle)

Published on: June 10, 2021

Categories: Rentals

Danella’s Dump Truck gives you the capability to move large amounts of fill, ballast or debris to and from your work site. It features 10-16 cubic yard capacity and can be configured to meet your specific needs.

Equipment Specs:

Equipment Packages:

Optional Equipment:

Danella Rentals fleet is ready to help you get your materials to the job site safely and effectively. The Tri-Axle or Tandem Axles Dump Truck can handle multiple sizes of loads and on/off road terrain”

– Tom Walsh, Vice President of Danella Rental Systems, Inc.

With available tandem or tri-axle and Gross Vehicle Weight Rating between 56,000 and 80,000, Danella’s Dump Truck can handle sizeable loads – allowing you to get more done in fewer trips. The large bed can handle a wide variety of materials including sand, dirt, gravel and rock.

Safety is always a priority at Danella, so a triangle reflector, Strobe Light, Back Up Alarm, Fire Extinguisher and Triangle Reflector Kit are all available. The truck is serviced and maintained according to specific guidelines for reliable performance to allow you to operate in tough railroad environments as safely as possible.

Interested in renting Danella’s Dump Truck? Reach out to Steve Bolte at or request a rental quote for this item here.