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Specialty Equipment Spotlight: Robel ROMITAMP Tamping Machine

Specialty Equipment Spotlight: Robel ROMITAMP Tamping Machine

Published on: November 22, 2021

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Tamping is critical to correcting proper track geometry, removing existing faults in the track and eliminating voids under the ties to distribute loads uniformly onto the ties. But what do you do when you have a track section that’s too big for manual corrections but too small to justify large machinery?

As the North American rental partner for ROBEL, Danella has exclusive access to the first ROMITAMP Tamping Machine on the continent. This machine with its lifting, and lining capabilities is a perfect solution for small production or spot tamping projects. The combination of rubber tires along with rail wheels and remote control makes it an easy one-man operation to deploy on track.

At Danella we understand your rail equipment needs and are always working to deliver for you. The Robel ROMITAMP Tamping Machine fills a need, effectively and efficiently maintaining track in today’s ever challenging maintenance of way environment. As with all Danella equipment and vehicles, it is designed to allow you to work safely and efficiently on the track. Danella backs every vehicle with superior maintenance and service for outstanding performance,”

– Steve Bolte, Danella’s Vice-President of Business Development for North America

ROMITAMP Tamping Machine

The ROBEL Tamping Machine is a compact tamping machine that delivers precise, high-quality tamping of track sections for high-quality ballast compaction.

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Danella services and maintains its equipment and vehicles according to specific guidelines for reliable performance and safe operation in tough railroad environments.

Interested in renting the ROMITAMP Tamping Machine for your small production or spot tamping project? Contact Steve Bolte at or learn more about the ROMITAMP Tamping Machine and request a rental quote here.