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Specialty Equipment Spotlight: Vacuum Truck

Specialty Equipment Spotlight: Vacuum Truck

Published on: March 8, 2021

Categories: Rentals

The Vacuum Truck allows you to go right to your work area on the rails to vacuum wet/dry material. It features a large volume capacity, a powerful vacuum system, a boom, and a suction hose.

Key Standard Features


Available Equipment Packages


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With a large volume capacity and the ability to keep your worksite clean from wet or dry excess materials the Vacuum Truck is an asset to your operation.”

– Tom Walsh, Vice President of Operations, Danella Rental Systems, Inc.

When you need to vacuum up wet or dry material at your railroad work site, you need Danella’s Vacuum Truck. It goes on the rails right to your work site. The included boom and suction hose gives you considerable reach to where the material is located.

The powerful vacuum suction easily sucks up a wide variety of material into a large debris box for easy removal from your worksite.

A hi-rail package allows you to get on the rails and go directly to the spot where the vacuum truck is needed.

Safety is always a priority at Danella, so a triangle reflector, railroad light package, Strobe Light, Back Up Alarm, Fire Extinguisher and Triangle Reflector Kit are all available.

Interested in renting Danella’s Vacuum Truck? Reach out to Steve Bolte at or request a rental quote for this item here.