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Suicide and Construction. Please Read This.

Suicide and Construction. Please Read This.

Published on: September 27, 2021

Categories: Health & Wellness

It’s Suicide Awareness Month.

We could point to numbers that show the high rates of suicide among construction employees.

We could ponder why.

We could talk about managing your mental health.

But we’ve done that before.

If you’re reading this, we want to remind you:

Whether or not you work in construction: If you are experiencing distress, disturbing thoughts, or thoughts of suicide, there is help and there is hope.

Talk to someone right now at the National Suicide Prevention Hotline – 1-800-273-8255.

The trained, supportive voices on the other end of that line can provide a free, confidential ear as well as support and tools for you and your loved ones. The National Suicide Prevention Hotline’s expertise and online resources are for everyone, from all walks of life. They’ve heard it all. They offer specific resources for veterans, Native Americans, loss survivors, disaster survivors, LGBTQ+, youth, those who are deaf, hard of hearing, or experiencing hearing loss, and attempt survivors. The line is open 24 hours and available in English and Spanish. Stories of hope and recovery on the National Suicide Prevention Hotline’s website speak to the relief they can provide.

You can also call 911.

If you’re an individual who’s not in distress, and with an opportunity to bring awareness to Suicide Awareness Month, please do – especially if you’re in an industry like construction that’s at higher-than-average risk. Here are some ideas to get started, and some images and graphics you can share on social media.

If you manage people at work or just want to learn more about what to look for, the National Alliance on Mental Illness outlines suicide warning signs and risk factors here.

Suicide is a tragedy. It’s a topic that’s hard to talk about, but especially given its prevalence in construction, it is something we want to discuss openly and proactively at Danella. Don’t hesitate to talk to leadership if you, someone you know, or someone you love is or might be in distress or experiencing suicidal thoughts. We have resources and compassion and will do our absolute best to alleviate your distress and connect you to the relief and resources you need.