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Holiday Wellness and Safety – Keeping Children Safe

Holiday Wellness and Safety – Keeping Children Safe

Published on: December 14, 2017

Categories: Health & Wellness, Safety

When buying toys during the holidays, the last thing often thought of is safety. Accidents involving toys and children result in over a quarter of a million children being seen at U.S. hospitals every year.

Nearly half of the injuries are to the head or face—many are eye injuries. Eye safety is often not considered when purchasing the cool new toy for a child. According to the Academy of Ophthalmology, a number of studies show that some of the popular gifts including air guns, lasers, and projectile toys result in medical treatment and in some cases, even blindness for young children and teens.

Many toys can pose a risk for eye injuries, but the top six include:


To better protect children’s eyes, try to avoid toys with sharp or rigid points, spikes, rods, dangerous edges, or those that include shooting or flying parts. Toys that can withstand a harsh impact and not break into dangerous shards are suggested to avoid injury.

Educating children on safe play and inspecting toys regularly for breaks is one of the most important ways to reduce risks. Remember to buy toys meant for the child’s age and show them how to use the toy correctly. Being present, and not just giving presents is the best way to avoid injury.

If you are curious to know some of the worst toys for 2017 check out the listing here:

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