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Stretch & Flex: Three Stretches for the Upper Body

Stretch & Flex: Three Stretches for the Upper Body

Published on: July 16, 2019

Categories: Stretch & Flex

Did you know that musculoskeletal disorders account for nearly 70 million physician office visits in the United States annually? Engaging in stretch and flex activities is not just for the job site, but also for those in the office and at home to avoid injury to the muscles, ligaments, and bones. The Danella Stretch and Flex Program works to engage our employees and the public in movements to reduce injuries and muscular tears. Monthly we will be sharing several stretches that can be accomplished no matter where you might be located.

If you find yourself crouching over a desk a large majority of the day or digging trenches, stretching the upper body is important to keep your back, neck, and shoulders functioning properly. Strains of the upper body can put an individual in excruciating pain and possibly result in lost work days. Properly stretching the upper body can help reduce the likely hood of injury. The three stretches below are great to do if you are often feeling achy in the upper body.

Please note, Danella is not a certified medical institution, before performing any of these stretches it is important to not only understand your own physical capabilities but to speak with a medical professional.

Stretch & Flex - Neck

Neck stretches can help to relieve tension and relieve pain. Here are the steps:
1. Bring the right ear towards the right shoulder, stay in this position for a few seconds
2. Roll the chin forward onto the chest, stay here for another few seconds
3. Continue by rolling the left ear to the left shoulder.
4. Repeat in reverse.
It is important not to roll your head to the back, it can result in injury.

Stretch & Flex - Shoulder

If you are crouched over a computer or in a trench for a large portion of the day this should stretch can help relieve strain.
1. Cross the right hand toward the left shoulder
2. With the left hand push the right arm further toward the left shoulder, do not put pressure on your elbow
3. You should feel the stretch across the upper back
4. Hold for 20 seconds, repeat on both sides twice

Stretch & Flex - BackBACK STRETCH
Stretching your back, especially your up back can feel great after bending over a lot throughout the day.
1. Stand with hands on your low back and with knees slightly bent
2. Lean backward from the waist and hold for 10 counts
3. Return to upright and repeat

We will be sharing more stretches each month. Make sure to look out for our “Stretch and Flex” post online by clicking here.