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Water: It’s Our Business

Water: It’s Our Business

Published on: August 29, 2017

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Danella installs, maintains, and provides emergency services for the water infrastructure of many leading utility companies in the United States. We design turnkey solutions for new or existing systems.

Our water utility service offers a high level of performance for our customers. We offer an unrivaled range of services for our customer’s water needs, whether it be installing new or extending and upgrading existing plants.

Committed to training, safety, and excellence, Danella has over 45 years of experience and service in the water utility industry to making us a capable entity ready for any type of work. With a multitude of solutions, we are ready to make the most versatile and knowledgeable decisions when it comes to customers water utility work. Engineering, constructing, and maintaining, the infrastructure that provides us all with usable water takes experience and expertise.

Our water utility solutions include but are not limited to:


An added feature to our water utility services is directional drilling. Directional drilling allows crews to operate in a manner to ensure minimal ground disturbance and environmental impact. Both water and directional drilling teams work in tandem to reduce final restoration costs for water utilities. Each drilling unit is equipped with the appropriate machinery for the specific conditions of the job and run by certified operators.

At Danella, we work to make life go. Our utility construction work includes not only water, but gas, electric, communications, and steam.