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Danella Leadership Spotlight: Peter V. Mazzari

Danella Leadership Spotlight: Peter V. Mazzari

Published on: March 23, 2021

Categories: Employee Profile

Today he’s Division Manager of Danella Construction of CT, Inc., but back in 2007, Peter V. Mazzari was a Project Manager new to the company and the construction industry – and was astounded by its complexity.

“The intricacies of utility construction can’t be taught in a classroom. Experiencing the work alongside all members of the crew is where the real education starts.”

It was a realization he still carries with him, almost a decade and a half later – and one that informs his leadership style. Overseeing operations for his division, Peter is keenly aware of the many variables and learning curves. Acknowledging them (and their interconnectedness) and creating a space where team members can freely ask questions is his focus.

“Each day starts with making sure that all crews and management have exactly what is needed to be successful that day,” Peter says. “Any unknowns or restrictions are identified and addressed promptly.”

But juggling the many intricacies of daily construction work isn’t even Peter’s tallest order. His bigger challenge? Balancing those practicalities with clients’ priorities.

“In addition to internal needs, clients’ needs are always front and center in my mind,” he says. “Whether it is reporting, conference calls, or public relations, there is a lot that requires attention.”

He juggles it all via a careful outlook that he traces back to his time as part of the small team that got Danella Construction of CT, Inc. up and running back in 2015.

“There were so many scenarios that required me to guide and direct our foundation,” Peter remembers. “That careful planning resulted in a workforce that didn’t just do the right thing but also supported each other. I’m happy to say this remains true today. I continue leading in the same manner as when we started, because if our foundation is not properly maintained, our division and reputation aren’t sustainable. The management team that has been built and refined over the years keeps this foundation strong. From procedures in the field to tracking and documentation, we would certainly not have accomplished what we have without their dedication and hard work.”

When Peter needs added support, he takes his cues from those who’ve gone before him.

“Starting in the industry young, I have always looked to the more experienced employees for guidance. I believe that collaboratively working through problems really is the best method for leadership and success.”

Peter lives in New York with his wife Jeanne Marie and their two-year-old son Bryan – who shares dad’s passion for all things construction.

“Bryan is an articulate and personable boy who loves his trucks and construction vehicles!” Peter says.

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