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Preventive Care and Men’s Health

Preventive Care and Men’s Health

Published on: June 14, 2019

Categories: Health & Wellness

Did you know that women are 100% more likely to visit the doctor for annual exams and preventative services than men?

In 1994, the second week of June was designated to be National Men’s Health Week by President Bill Clinton. Men’s Health Week has now been extended to a month of awareness, to encourage men to engage in preventive care.

Why is Men’s Health Important?

Studies have found that men on average live five years less than women. Even though more males are born, by the age of 35 females outnumber males. For men it is important to remember that health issues not only impact themselves, but those around them, parents, partners, spouses, daughters, sons, etc. Recognizing health issues, and finding them early, help to not only avoid further complications but to prevent diseases. One in two men are diagnosed with cancers compared to one in three women. With more annual exams and screenings, men can further prevent this life-threatening disease before it spreads.

Steps to Improving Men’s Health

Men should work to engage in three things: eating healthy, physical activity, and prevention.
Eating healthy can be done in small steps. Partaking in more vegetables and fruits, reducing red meats, and reducing calorie intake (no super-sized meals) can help improve overall health and well-being. By adding one piece of fruit or a vegetable to a meal, the body can be better prepared through proper nutrition to fight off illness and better protect against disease.

Moving, engaging in cardio, and playing with children or grandchildren can help reduce weight and improve overall oxygen and blood circulation in the body. Taking the stairs instead of the elevator, doing yard work, playing a sport, or just taking a walk can help to increase the body’s activity levels. Exercising and moving not only helps you physically through muscle growth but mentally as well.

The third step to health is making prevention a priority. As stated before, having regular checkups can help detect health conditions early. Regular screening for blood pressure, cholesterol, glucose, and prostate health can identify conditions and result in better overall health in the long run.

Danella and Men’s Health

Danella’s Wellness Program was established in 2010 to offer the support and information needed for all our employees to engage in making good lifestyle choices. The program, specifically through information and requirements, engages employees to understand their personal risk factors and to ensure their overall health and that of their families. Not only does the Wellness Program require annual physicals, but it also encourages gender and age-specific screening (e.g. colon and prostate checks) to ensure our employees are understanding how their well-being is changing year to year.

Men’s Health Month is just one of many observances that the Wellness Program engages in to provide our employees with information to improve their overall well-being. For more health and wellness tips, information, and resources visit our Health & Wellness section on Danella News.

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Source: Men’s Health Month